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“BITTEKHNIKA” LLC was founded in 1996. Through all these years of successful experience we have developed a sustainable manufacturing system of oilfield equipment. 

Address: 395 Ya, Shosse Kosmonavtov Str., Perm, Russia, 614065
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The Hinged deflecting tool with washover OP is used to deflect fishing and other tools from the axis. The deflecting tool is used with tubing joints and coiled tubings used with coiled tubing units when operating with washover.
The deflecting tool allows moving BHA at a certain level making it possible to conduct fishing operations and retrieve tools from wellbores having deviated borehole. For example, hinged joint may be used to help grip the tool which fell to the low side of bore or to help conducting operations in completed wellbore when access of rigid BHA is not possible.


The Hinged deflecting tool consists of two subs, deflecting rod and retaining screw. The tool is lowered as part of assembly and when load is created the tool allows achieving 8º deflection from the axis and entering into side hole. Big internal diameter and carrying capacity allows activating the tool placed under the hinged joint by dropping the ball.
Double sealing ensures that BHA is sealed during circulation. Compact construction makes it possible to form a short BHA to lower into highly deviated wellbores increasing the possibility of fishing tools alignment in casing.

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To cart Code OD, in Maximal load, lbf Total length,
Minimal inside diameter of flushing port, in Maximal inside diameter of flushing port, in Maximal degree of deflection Connecting thread Weight, lb
OP-44.5 1.75 12 364 0.94 0.55 0.79 8 1 "AMMT 5.29
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